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Be sure to check it out!! The following takes place during the infamous 3-year gap. I get busy from time-to-time and now, just happens to be one of those times, so beat it, you creep! The heiress was primping herself, for a romantic night-out, with Yamcha, her petite figure adorned with a stunning, knee-level cocktail dress that hugged her upper body, the lower part of the lilac outfit, pleated nicely, making her appear as delicate as a flower and at the same time, as voluptuous as a Greek goddess.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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The Vegeta/Gohan Community — LiveJournal

There came the indistinct sounds of sucking within the lab room as a young boy moaned loudly, the blue haired woman who sucked on the impossibly huge cock of Son Gohan closing her eyes, the four year old boy having a 13 and a half inch cock. Stained and glistening with the liquid of her saliva, Bulma did her best to wrap her hand around the base of his dick, but quickly found that she needed to use both of her hands to fully grasp his dick, her gripping the base of his length as tightly as she could as she jerked him off with both hands, her lips wrapped around the wide head of his dick as chills of pleasure ran up Gohan's spine as she expertly sucked on the head of him. Her tongue pushed itself into his dick hole not too long afterwards, and Gohan was moaning aloud as he closed his eyes. Soon, Bulma felt his dick thickening in her hands, and she braced herself, sucking on for a split second more before she pulled her head off of him, releasing one hand and using her strength to aim his member, Gohan cumming strongly as his semen jetted out of him and splattered itself on the perimeter of the bucket Bulma had set up, her watching as his cock kept pulsing strongly in her hand, his cum shooting for a few seconds into the bucket and filling it up as Gohan released, him closing his eyes tightly as Bulma saw this. Bulma smiled, seeing that his cock seemed to wither, only for it to seem to grow even harder in her hand as it grew every so slightly.
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Warning: this is shota which mean boyxboy, if you don't like it then click the back button. I'm warning you again, if you do not like boy to boy action click the back button. I do not own Dragonball Z or any Funimation produce and also do disclaim on it either as well.
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By: Kanimoto Goten learns about masturbating. Disclaimer: I don't own Webster's Dictionary, nor the definition I used from it about jerking off. When the teenager didn't answer, his brother repeated the question.
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