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At the time I thought this book was excellent. Not anymore. The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline is a book that focuses on body weight exercises. It promises secret knowledge to help you get super strong without using weights. My wrist could not handle the massive number of sets. Because my wrist hurt all the time, it was impossible to safely workout in my home gym.
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Rejecting The Naked Warrior

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The Naked Warrior, Bodyweight Exercises for Greater Strength - Book | Dragon Door

Generally when this book comes up, people talk about the one-arm pushup and the one-leg squat pistol , but the real meat of this book applies to any movement you do: 1. Greasing the Groove 2. Tension Development 3. Power Breathing in Compression Everything else in the book is just gravy. Nice, but not needed for the book to be spectacular. Considering the scope and quality ranging from genius to fluff of Pavel's work over the years, to say that this is one of his best is really saying something.
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Getting the Most Out of The Naked Warrior

My fitness goals are to master the pistol and the one armed-pushup, as well as their variations basically The Naked Warrior starting goals. The Naked Warrior is my favorite book by Pavel, and I don't like kettle bell training nearly as much. I have been reading and practicing Naked Warrior on and off, but with relative consistency for about 4 months now. Currently I can do a pretty clean pistol with my left leg, the right being a little less balanced. I have been mostly training box pistols as well as isometrics in the starting position.
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The Naked Warrior Review Overview There are made-for-TV strongmen who perform stunts and feats of strength with the benefit of digital editing and special effects. A powerful Roman Greco wrestler with enough strength to toss an opponent like a ragdoll. An unassuming karate master who can deliver a crippling message with a single blow. Or a grizzled military expert with enough strength to climb, rappel, and prevail in hand-to-hand combat if necessary.
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