Sex a rabbit

Knowing your rabbit's sex is important for many reasons. It helps you to choose an appropriate name as well as avoiding unwanted pregnancy if you keep groups of rabbits together. It's also important to know because female rabbits are at risk of uterine cancer, which can be prevented if you spay her. To determine the sex of a rabbit, start by asking someone to help you hold the rabbit on its back so you can easily access its genital area. If you don't have someone to help you, you can try holding the rabbit on its back on a low surface by yourself, but it may be harder. Once the rabbit is in place, part the fur between its legs and examine its genitalia.
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How to Tell the Sex of Baby Bunnies

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Chapter 8: The rabbit

Rabbits are easy to house, cheap to feed and produce a very good quality meat. One male rabbit buck and two females does given care and good feeding, will produce more than 50 rabbits a year. This means you can sell or eat almost one rabbit every week of the year. Learning objectives After studying this unit you should know: 1 Breeding rabbits. Breeding rabbits The female rabbit doe does not come into heat oestrus as do other animals. The doe will accept the male buck at any time of the year.
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How to Determine a Rabbit’s Sex

Rabbits are social creatures who enjoy the company of other rabbits. Unfortunately, however,pet bunny rabbits do breed rampantly "they breed like rabbits" and two pet rabbits of the opposite sex can very quickly produce dozens of offspring if they are inadvertently housed together. For this reason - to avoid rabbits of the opposite sex being placedinto the same hutch together - it is important for rabbit owners to be able to accurately determine the gender of their rabbit pets. Many owners of rabbits find it very difficult to determine the gender or sex of their pets, particularly newborn rabbit kittens, and often need their veterinarian to sex their rabbits for them.
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Some Basics Sexing rabbits is not really hard to do. You can usually do a good job identifying a buck from a doe, at least from the age of 3 weeks and on. An older buck is easy to identify.
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