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Putting together the slide deck for the presentation had become a never-ending ordeal for Dave. Every time he turned a draft in to his Japanese boss, it would come back with yet another set of things to correct. Why is it that some Japanese managers want to exert control over even the most minor aspects of work, engaging in seemingly endless rounds of revision until things are absolutely perfect in their eyes? Well, this behavior is likely just a manifestation of the qualities that make Japanese businesses effective: teamwork, attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. And if you know what to expect and how to deal with it, a micromanaging boss can become a lot more tolerable. Yamazaki believed this approach to be the best way for a manager and their subordinate to work together, and it has become a staple of new-employee orientation at many Japanese companies.
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Just Tell Me What You Want Me To Do! Working for a Japanese Boss

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How to work with a micromanaging Japanese boss | The Japan Times

Effectiveness , Management. When we think about the Japanese industry, we think about it as being a very important supplier and customer. But likewise, we think about the unique Japanese management style and its effective decision making. Japan is not just a serious competitor, but a very good mentor, too and we can learn a lot from their vaunted business culture especially when it comes to managing people. Making the best productive use of strengths is the only purpose of an organization. An effective leader and top manager builds on strengths and knows that this is the only approach to achieve lasting results.
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How to work with a micromanaging Japanese boss

Please refresh the page and retry. M ore than one-quarter of the Japanese workers taking part in a survey admitted that the thought of killing their boss had crossed their mind on at least one occasion, underlining the stresses that employees here are often under. Fully 27 percent of the 1, men and women aged between 20 and 69 who responded to the recent survey by Shirabee confessed to having had homicidal thoughts towards a superior - with younger people in particular expressing sympathy for the frustrations and anger that are apparently bubbling just beneath the surface in many Japanese companies. M akoto Watanabe, a senior lecturer in communications at Hokkaido Bunkyo University, agrees - and admits that he has been pushed close to the edge himself. Stories of staff who are not paid if they leave are legendary, yet there is still a large pool of semi-skilled young people looking for employment.
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Many major companies, such as Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook , now have tens of thousands of employees around the world, and there are some lucrative opportunities overseas. Japan, for instance, is accepting more foreign workers. But before you hop on a plane, know that office culture still varies greatly among countries.
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