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Edit The creation of an akuma Akuma are created when a living human in mourning over the loss of a loved one makes a contract with the Earl to bring the soul of their loved one back. Once trapped within the skeleton, the soul is then forced to kill the one who called it back and "put on" their corpse, using their appearance to move around among humans in disguise. Evolution As they grow through killing humans, Akuma evolve, the known levels ranging from 1 to 4, with 4 being the strongest as of yet. Akuma can also merge to form sub-levels, such as the Giant Akuma.
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Akuma (Street Fighter) - Wikipedia

Learn how and when to remove this template message Street Fighter game series[ edit ] Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo , the fifth arcade iteration of the Street Fighter II games, where he appears as a hidden and unnamed character. After meeting certain requirements, Akuma appears prior to the player's final match with M. Bison and obliterates M. Bison before challenging the player. He also has two endings in the game as well: one for defeating M. Bison, and another against himself.
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At her first homeroom class, consisting of five of the total 13 students, Tokaku finds herself drawn towards a kindly girl named Haru Ichinose, believing she may be the target. As Tokaku spends more time with Haru, who is revealed to be her roommate, she notices some knife wounds on her legs. The next school day, as more students join Class Black, Haru decides to have lunch with Tokaku, whilst the other students hear from Nio Hashiri about a meeting concerning their mission. Later that day, classmate Isuke Inukai comes around to have tea with Haru, slipping her a sleeping drug with the intent of drowning her in a bath whilst she is asleep. When Tokaku learns from Haruki Sagae that Isuke is targeting Haru, she rushes back to her room to stop Isuke, fighting against her to protect Haru.
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And incidentally, we have an angel-like character with and energetic personality named Haru Ichinose who gets herself into a mess that threatens her very existence. Her name is Tokaku Azuma and she is not a pushover, not in the art of assassin anyways. To call Akuma no Riddle a memorable art piece though could be both an understatement and overstatement.
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