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These follicles are found in the ovaries. During ovulation , a mature egg is released from a follicle. While several follicles begin to develop each cycle, normally only one will ovulate an egg. Follicle growth and development are tracked during fertility treatments. Theoretically, if you could know how many follicles are inside your ovaries, you could have an idea of how many eggs you have left. It is impossible to count how many follicles are in the ovaries because they are too small to be visualized.
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How Ovarian and Antral Follicles Relate to Fertility

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What are follicles and why are they important for my fertility? | LWC

Richmond, N. Deshpande, H. Lyall, R. Yates, R. No reliable datasets have shown clear criteria for predicting multiple pregnancy.
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What is a follicle and how many follicles do you need?

Retrospective analysis to determine the size of follicles on day of trigger contributing most to the number of mature oocytes retrieved using generalized linear regression and random forest models applied to data from IVF cycles — in which either hCG, GnRHa, or kisspeptin trigger was used. Follicle sizes on the day of trigger most likely to yield a mature oocyte. Using simulated follicle size profiles of patients with 20 follicles on the day of trigger, our model predicts that the number of oocytes retrieved would increase from a mean 9. IVF treatment involves the administration of supra-physiological doses of follicle-stimulating hormone FSH to induce the growth of multiple ovarian follicles. Once ovarian follicles grow to an appropriate size, a trigger is administered to mature the oocytes in preparation for oocyte retrieval.
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You might never have heard of ovarian follicles before, nor expected them to be of such importance to you and your fertility. Follicles and fertility are inextricably linked and, as you begin your journey into assisted fertility treatment, it can be helpful to understand just what follicles are and what part they play in the process. In this article, we will explain what a follicle is exactly, how many eggs are in a follicle , follicle size needed for IVF , how follicles on your ovaries can be monitored by ultrasound and hormone testing, and what your options are should no eggs be found in the follicles during IVF. Follicles are small sacs of fluid found on the outside layer of the ovaries, which contain immature eggs oocytes.
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